Memory Care

Guiding seniors with dementia requires skill and specialized training. That’s why the entire staff – from care givers to the chef – are certified through National Institution of Dementia Education (NIDE). They have the training and the tools to recognize when a resident needs support and the best way to help them. -Radiance East Cobb Memory Care provides care in four fundamental ways:

Safety & Security

Seniors with dementia need an environment that is free from hazards. Examples include hot stoves, steep stairs and uneven flooring to trip on. They also need to be protected from wandering outside where they may easily become disoriented and lost.

All risks have been minimized to protect the residents at Radiance. Flooring is smooth and there is no harmful items that can be found at home. Residents are also protected from wandering away, so they stay safely inside where they enjoy being a part of a community.

Health & Wellness

Health and Wellness are a combined effort at Radiance East Cobb. We recognize the importance of feeling good as part of physical and mental health.

Residents receive their physician-directed medications in the right amount at the right time and meals are prepared according to dietary needs. Residents feel good because they are clean and have fresh clothes and bed linens.

Every room in the community features large bright windows with lots of natural light. The sunlight throughout the community creates a clean and uplifting atmosphere.

Socialization & Stimulation

Socialization is an extremely important benefit of living at Radiance East Cobb. Studies show socialization can slow the decline of a senior with dementia when they are part of a community and interact with others.

Daily activities are designed to keep residents engaged and involved as much as possible. Every resident is different, which is why our care and programming is completely individualized.

For some residents, our IN2L interactive computer system can help them explore the world or reconnect with past memories. For others, other scheduled daily activities are all the stimulation they need.

Click here to view our activities calendar.

Peace of Mind & Relief

This refers to you, the family or friend of a senior with dementia.

Once your loved one is at Radiance East Cobb, you can relax and have confidence they are being cared for day and night. Our Memory Care Specialists remove the burden of care from you, so you can focus on your relationship with your mother, father or companion.

Imagine what it will feel like when you no longer live with the worry of leaving your loved one alone at home. You’ll be free of guilt and fear and proud of your decision to allow Radiance East Cobb to care for your loved one.

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